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advances toward his girl friend. the man shot benjamin in the head after he went to her defense. at one point doctors said his brain wound was so severe they gave him only a 25% chance of living. he was in a medically induced coma for almost a mont month. but the young man was fighting silently for his life. he was making small but significant victories. 4 days ago as they took his breathing tube off his mouth he uttered his first words. >> i wept there and i told him could you say hi mom and he said hi mom and that was, brought me to tears. >>reporter: benjamin transferred to uc san francisco yesterday. then today another giant step. literally. >> ready? >>reporter: young man tack his first step. nurse calls it miraculous. >> very amazing. it's pretty rare. he's pretty good fighter i think. >> ready to come home soon ben? get in your is in cozy ben bed. >>reporter: his family now enjoying tender moments with hip. operate miss continuing that he will recover fully. >> everyone said they missouri smile. >> we sold your truck. >> no. >>reporter: benjamin now even able to smil
in the span. defense can't seem to stop anybody. ben ran for 1 between. team 2 21 yards rushing raiders can't tackle anyone and never seem to be on the same passenger in the coverage. offensively they have no run game which leaves palmer vulnerable in the pocket. team just pin the ear back and goes after him. threw for season low 146 yards. coach allen trying to stay positive. >> we have only got to look at what we are doing and who we are asking to do it and somewhere in there we have to found that solution what
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2